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Ohaus FC5718R Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuge, 4 x 100 ml, 23,542 g - 120V

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Introducing the Ohaus FC5718R Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuge, the ultimate solution for all your high-speed centrifugation needs.

With a maximum capacity of 23,542 g and a readability of 4 x 100 ml, this multi-purpose centrifuge offers a customizable platform to cater to your unique workflow requirements.

Designed with user convenience in mind, this centrifuge features an intuitive interface that grants easy access to parameter settings and allows for seamless transitions between applications. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual adjustments! With automatic rotor recognition and a backlit LCD display, you can effortlessly navigate your centrifugation process and achieve optimal results.

What sets this centrifuge apart is its exceptional performance driven by German engineering and top-of-the-line components. Built from durable, chemical-resistant stainless steel, it guarantees long-lasting reliability even in the most demanding laboratory environments. Rest assured, this centrifuge is built to withstand rigorous use and deliver consistent results every time.

The Ohaus FC5718R Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuge is not limited to a single application. It excels in various tasks, including centrifugal separation, general sample preparation, cell pelleting, protein separation, nucleic acid separation, cell concentrating, chemical separation, diagnostics, environmental sample preparation, and blood sample processing. Versatility at its finest!

Equipped with a backlit LCD, this centrifuge ensures clear visibility of vital information during operation. The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization using a variety of rotors and accessories. Whether conducting research or performing diagnostic tests, this centrifuge adapts to your specific requirements effortlessly.

Constructed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel chamber and a Polycarbonate/ABS plastic lid, this centrifuge prioritizes durability without compromising functionality. Its design features include ten acceleration and deceleration rates, the option to select running time from 10 seconds to 99 hours and 59 minutes, a quick spin feature, a CFC-free refrigeration system (refrigerated models), sample temperature indication, a lid-locking system, over-speed protection, and dual imbalance sensing.

Invest in the Ohaus FC5718R Frontier 5000 Series Multi Pro Centrifuge and experience the pinnacle of performance, reliability, and versatility. With its top-notch features and German engineering, this centrifuge is the perfect addition to any laboratory or research facility.

Don't settle for anything less than excellence - choose Ohaus.