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Types of Laboratory Balances offered by Liberty Scales

Types of Laboratory Balances offered by Liberty Scales

Balances are a vital piece of equipment for every laboratory. Used to measure the mass of solids, liquids, and other samples, laboratory balances offer accurate and precise readings to minimize the chances of any error jeopardizing the final result.
That is not to say that every balance will suit every lab. For instance, while analytical balances come in handy in situations where unrivaled sensitivity is needed. Precision balances work better in conditions where temperature fluctuations are the norm.
In this article, we'll take a comprehensive look at the various types of laboratory balances and highlight the lab or research settings in which they work best.

Types of Laboratory Balances

At Liberty Scales, we sell five different types of laboratory balances. They include precision balances, jewelry scales, mechanical balances, moisture analyzers, and portable balances. Depending on your needs, one or more of these laboratory scales might prove to be useful.

Precision Balances

Precision balances weigh samples to a very precise number, usually up to 0.01 gram. They are available in a broad range of capacities, ranging from milligrams to several hundred grams. Some of them have capacities as high as several kilograms.
Due to their high precision, precision scales are typically used to perform highly specific tasks. They are generally used for precision weighing in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, production industry, industrial and manufacturing operations, and skincare industry.
On top of everything else, precision balances won't throw up faulty readings when subjected to temperature fluctuations. Unlike some of its counterparts, an analytical balance is capable of offering steady outputs in a wide range of temperature conditions.

Here are the best precision balances offered by Liberty Scales:

Ohaus Adventurer Precision AX223/E – Boasting stainless steel construction, a maximum capacity of 220 g, and a readability of 1 mg, the Precision AX223/E is perfect for routine weighing and measurement activities.

Ohaus 7.1" PR2201/E NTEP Precision – This lab balance comes at less than half the price of the model we saw above. This makes it a must-have for anyone searching for a high-end yet budget-friendly lab balance.

Ohaus 7.1" PR1602/E NTEP Precision – Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), user-selectable environmental filters, and software lockout and reset menu – these three features define the Ohaus PR1602/E.

Ohaus Adventurer Precision AX423N/E – This legal-for-trade precision balance comes with all the features required to perform routine weighing and measurement activities in a broad range of environments.

Jewelry Scales

Jewelry scales are designed to accurately weigh gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, and other pieces of precious metals. Jewelers also rely on these scales to assess the quality of materials they buy and sell. These models also come in handy for counting gems.
An accurate jewelry scale won't only help you ensure that prices for the items you're selling are in line with their market prices. The law also requires commercial jewelers to rely on a certified trade-approved scale when purchasing or selling products.
All in all, having an accurate and precise jewelry scale would be good for business as well as for your relationship with law enforcement agencies. It is, therefore, crucial to invest in a model that would save you an easily avoidable headache down the line.

Check-out these highly-rated jewelry scales offered by Liberty Scales:

Ohaus Scout SJX/E Jewelry Scale SJX6201N/E – This NTEP certified jewelry balance is equipped with multiple weighing units, a fast stabilization time, and superior overload protection.

Ohaus Scout SJX/E Jewelry Scale SJX323N/E – With a maximum capacity of 64g, a 1-second stabilization time, and 0.1 g readability, this model is a feature-light and inexpensive alternative to the product discussed above.

Ohaus PAJ Carat Series PAJ2003CN – This lightweight jewelry scale is designed for weighing, parts counting, and percent weighing applications. However, its stabilization time (3s) is slightly higher than our top two picks.

Ohaus YA Gold Series Jewelry Scale – YA series' models share two differences with their counterparts from the PAJ and SJX/E series – these products cost less and aren't supplemented with an NTEP certification.

Mechanical Scales and Balances

Mechanical balances allow you to measure an object's mass, tension, and force exertion without relying on electricity. Various types of mechanical scales are available on today's market, with spring scales and triple beam balances the most commonly used.
Spring balances measure the mass of an object by displaying the distance that the spring deflects under the object's load. They rely on Hook's Law to measure weight, which states that the stress in the spring is directly proportional to the strain.
Triple beam balances, as their name implies, are made up of three beams. Each of the three beams is of a different size. These top-loading balances can measure an object's mass directly; by subtracting it from the mass of a liquid; or measuring out substances.

Here are the best mechanical scales and balances offered by Liberty Scales:

Ohaus Spring Scales 8002-MN – The 8002 SN is a pocket-friendly spring scale designed for everyday applications in laboratory and other research settings. And a lightweight build makes it ultra-portable.

Ohaus Triple Beam 700 Series 720-S0 – Most of the triple-beam balances from Ohaus are made for light-duty research use. As its 610g maximum capacity demonstrates, this top-loading balance isn't any different.

Ohaus Mechanical Scales & Balances, D500M – In contrast to its counterpart discussed above, this triple-beam balance is built for heavy-duty use. Its shadow-proof poise is visible in most lighting conditions, and the model itself is NTEP certified.

Ohaus Spring Scales 8011-MN – Made of shatterproof plastic and metal, this reasonably-priced spring scale is a budget-friendly choice for general weighing, action-reaction demonstrations, and force experiments.

Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are referred to by many names, including dryness balance, moisture meter, or moisture balance. Whatever you choose to call them, the function all moisture analyzers perform is the same: measuring the moisture content of a solid or liquid material.
Moisture analyzers comprise a weighing and a heating element. The sample is weighed at the start and placed on the unit with the heating element turned on. As the moisture evaporates, the weight of the moisture, based on the difference in sample weight from start to end, is noted.
These units are extensively used in various industries. For instance, moisture analyzers are highly crucial pieces of equipment in the food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and textile industries. That is because moisture affects a material's shelf-life, quality, weight, and pricing.

Here are the best mechanical scales and balances offered by Liberty Scales:

Ohaus MB 23 – 110g capacity with a readability of 0.01g. A non-glass heating element. A large backlit LCD display. Features like these make the MB23 moisture balance one of the best on the market.

Ohaus MB 90 – What is it that makes the Ohaus MB 90 one of the most expensive moisture analyzers on the market? Two heating profiles (standard and fast), readability of 1mg/0.01%, and four units of measurement.

Ohaus MB 120 – The Ohaus MB 120 is 1 ½ time as expensive as the MB 90 and almost twice as pricey as the MB 23. Its higher capacity (120g), four heating profiles, and a full-color touchscreen display are reasons why.

Portable Balances

Portable balances correspond to weighing balances that are compact in size. Their compact build makes them a cinch to carry and move around. These weighing instruments are mostly used in labs or research settings where there is not much storage space for equipment.
Despite their diminutive build, portable balances can compete with their much larger counterparts in precision and accuracy. Ohaus's compact weighing balances are equipped with stainless steel weighing pans to allow for easy cleaning.
Most of these models also come with the auto power-off feature. This feature springs into action when the weight of the sample placed on the balance exceeds the latter's capacity. Digital display, overload alarm, and zero tracking features are also on offer.

Here are the best portable balanced offered by Liberty Scales:

Ohaus Scout SPX2202 – This portable balance has superior overload protection, multiple application modes, and an LCD display with a backlight. An illuminated up-front level indicator minimizes the chances of an error.

Ohaus NV3202 – The NV3202 belongs to Ohaus's Navigator series, whose models are designed for general weighing applications in laboratory, education, and research settings. This particular model is competitively-priced, too.

Ohaus STX8200– Featuring a stainless steel weighing pan, color touchscreen display, and a fast stabilization time, the STX8200 can be used for weighing, parts counting, density determination, totalization, etc.


Every lab needs a modern laboratory balance to work properly. One that gives accurate and precise results in a laboratory setting. Luckily for you, all the balances and scales mentioned above are some of the most accurate and precise on the market. You can thus count on these modern balances to meet your specific needs.


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