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Types of Bench Scales Offered by Liberty Scales

Types of Bench Scales Offered by Liberty Scales

Bench scales are available in multiple types. Some are designed for a single application (such as check weighing or quality control), while others can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, and are thus known as multi-purpose bench scales.
In this article, we're going to take a look at the different types of bench scales. All of which are available for sale at Liberty Scales. We'll describe the applications of each of those models to help you select the bench scale that could meet your requirements.

Washdown Platform Bench Scales

These platform scales are protected against water, dust, and other substances. Their Ingress Protection (IP) rating represents the level of protection against the intrusion of liquids and solids. The higher the IP rating, the greater the sealing effectiveness against water, dirt, etc.
Almost all washdown bench scales offered by Liberty Scales meet metrological approvals, are NSF listed and support HACCP systems. These units have numerous applications including weighing, filling, check counting, dynamic weighing, and more.

Here are the best washdown platform bench scales offered by Liberty Scales: 

Ohaus Defender 6000 i-D6PW50WQL7 – This model from the Defender 6000 series is specifically designed for food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Six LR20 batteries (included) allow for up to 1,600 hours of use.

Ohaus Defender 6000 i-D61XWE25WQR6 – Like other digital scales the, i-D61XWE25WQR6 too could handle the most demanding applications. However, its weight capacity is half as much (50lb x 0.002lb vs. 100lb x 0.005lb).

Ohaus Defender 6000 i-D61XWE12K1R6 – This washdown platform scale boasts half as much capacity as the last model we saw. This makes it a handy candidate for light-to-medium duty industrial and non-industrial applications.

Ohaus Defender 6000 i-D61XWE50K1L7 – A built-in RS230 and US host, hands-free, touchless sensor, and accurate measurements – these three features define this heavy-duty Class III legal-for-trade bench scale.

Ohaus Defender 6000 i-DT61XWE – This washdown bench scale comes with a food-grade polycarbonate housing. It boasts an ultra-long battery life and a 3-color check light bar. Wired and wireless connections are also on offer.

    Dry-Use Bench Scale Bases

    The dry-use bases are made for dry and dusty environments. They don't have the sealing required to prevent the ingress of water or other liquids. These models can be used for both general usage as well as applications where legal for trade units are needed.
    Keep in mind, though, that a dry-use scale cannot do anything else besides industrial weighing. You cannot count on them to help you perform parts counting, check counting and even dynamic weighing. It's this limited utility that keeps these models' asking prices low.

    Here are some of the dry-use bench scale bases available for sale at Liberty Scales:

    Ohaus 14" x 12" D15BR – This dry-use bench scale base has everything consumers look for in a similar unit. It is backed with legal for trade certifications, available at an economical price, and offers 125% capacity overload protection.

    Ohaus 14" x 12" D30BR – Everything but one feature distinguishes this dry-use bench scale base from its counterpart we saw above. It is capable of weighing items weighing twice as much as the D60BR. That too while costing the same.

    Ohaus 14" x 12" D60BR – Here is another dry-use base from Ohaus. This model could withstand up to 150lbs x 0.05lb of weight and has the 304-grade stainless steel platform that enables it to last for years with minimal care.

    Ohaus 21.6" x 16.5" D60BL – BL series' models share two differences with their counterparts from the BR series – these units usually cost more and justify the added price with an NTEP certification, something the BR series models don't have.

    Counting Bench Scales

    A counting bench scale does precisely what its name implies. It enables you to count many parts of the same weight in the same operation. Using this scale is incredibly easy – you just have to ascertain a reference weight. The reference weight can be a single object, such as a screw, or several parts.
    The higher the number of reference weights you put on the counting bench scale, the more accurate the scale's average weight calculation will be, and, in turn, the more accurate the count. Counting bench scales come in handy in washdown environments such as food processing and industrial applications.

    Here are a few of the many counting scales offered by Liberty Scales:

    Ohaus 24" x 24" D52P500RQV3 – Here is a multi-purpose counting scale that allows you to perform parts counting with APW optimization, percent weighing, check counting, and dynamic weighing. It is class III approved for legal trade.

    Ohaus 24" x 24" D52XW250RQV5 – In addition to performing all the tasks the abovementioned counting bench scale is capable of, this unit boasts a 50,000-item library with up to 1,000 user profiles to make data management a cinch.

    Ohaus 24" x 18" D52XW125RTX5 – Thanks to its stainless steel platform, powder-coated steel bases, and aluminum load cells, this bench scale can withstand up to 250lb x 125kg of weight, making itself a must-have for heavy-duty use.

    Ohaus 14" x 12" D52XW50RTR5 – This model offers (almost) all the features you get from floor scales costing twice as much. Had it not been for its relatively low weight capacity – 100lb x 50kg – it wouldn't have been as inexpensive as it is.

    Ohaus 24" x 24" D52P250RTV3 – A highly user-friendly model, this counting bench scale justifies its considerable asking price with an easy-to-use keypad, above average counting capacity, and a user-friendly, large backlit display.

      Laboratory Bench Scales

      The laboratory bench scales can be identified by their slim, stackable design and lightweight construction. These units make it very easy to weigh and obtain an accurate reading. Aside from that, their user-friendly interface makes them an essential tool in laboratories and other research settings.
      That they can only weigh relatively small amounts of weights doesn't mean these units are less sturdy than those discussed above. Everything else – stainless steel pan, overload/underload protection, multiple application modes – is the same as the abovementioned models.

      Following are the top-rated laboratory bench scales on offer at Liberty Scales:

      Ohaus Scout SPX422 – All the models in the Ohaus Scout series are ideal for laboratory and light-duty industrial use. The SPX422 isn't any different in that its build, portability and durability make it ideal for research settings.

      Ohaus Explorer Semi Micro EX125 – The Semi Micro EX 125 is designed to handle lab and research work that needs accuracy to the hundred-thousandth. Its semi-micro balances have been equipped with the technology that litters almost no room for error.

      Ohaus Pioneer PX4201 – The Ohaus Pioneer PX4201 is an affordably-priced bench scale designed for applications in laboratory and education settings. A second line display (for additional information) and RS 232 and USB connectivity are also on offer.

      Ohaus Adventure Precision AX223 – Here is a bench scale that strikes the perfect balance between uncomplicated weighing capabilities and highly-inventive features. Suitability with multiple applications and selectable environmental filters further add to its appeal.

        Compact Bench Scales

        Compact bench scales solve many problems for you. Their smaller weighing platforms mean these units will take up little space than other types of bench scales. This makes them easy to transport. It also allows you to use them in small-sized spaces.
        Liberty Scales offer multiple series of compact bench scales. The most famous among them are the Ranger 3000, Ranger 4,000 and Ranger 7000 series models. Their rugged construction and user-friendly displays help these portable scales thrive in almost any industrial environment.

        Check out these compact bench scales on offer at Liberty Scales:

        Ohaus 11" x 11" Valor 7000 R71MD3 – This ultra-portable bench scale boasts a full-color graphic display with user-controlled brightness. Its resolution, application modes and connectivity options are among the highest of any bench Ohaus bench scale.

        Ohaus 8.9" x 11.8" Ranger 3000 R31P1502 – Boasting seven application modes, 210 hours of battery life and (almost) innumerable applications, this compact bench scale is proof that the maxim 'you get what you pay for' isn't always true.

        Ohaus 9.4" x 9.4" Valor 7000 R71MHD6 – Don't let its compact dimensions distract you from recognizing this model's features. It can perform almost any application any bench scale weighing twice as much could do, while occupying less than half the ground space.

        Ohaus 12.2" x 14.8" Valor 7000 R71MHD15 – What is it that makes this model the most expensive bench scale in the Ranger 7000 series? The largest memory library of any industrial bench scale in its manufacturer's portfolio.


          Liberty Scales offers a broad range of bench scales for multiple applications and environments. Our models could thrive as easily in demanding environments as in grocery stores, kitchens, and other similar settings.
          Make sure to go for washdown or dry-use bench scales if you're going to need them for heavy objects that typically weigh in the triple figures. However, if you're looking for a model for a laboratory setting, our compact bench scales would be a much safer bet.

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