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The OHAUS Explorer Series Balances are Now Available with EX2.20 Software Upgrade

Unmatched Intelligent Performance with the EX2.20 Update


Simplifying complex laboratory measurements, offering more comprehensive application modes, and enhanced data recording and accountability – the OHAUS Explorer Series with EX2.20 offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances that are extremely accurate, durable, and ideal for laboratory environments.
The enhanced user management system, data recording and accountability, expanded support for RFID readers, and new application modes guarantees that the Explorer Series Balances can record and store more relevant data and expand their functionality in your laboratory or industrial setting.



Simplified User Management
The Explorer Series Balances now feature an enhanced User Management system allowing users to be assigned to 1 of 4 pre-existing groups with varying access rights; create over 110 accounts with admin configurable password protection.
Enhanced Data Recording and Accountability
Explorer balances are now equipped with an expanded system log that will record changes to the balance settings, calibration adjustments and printed results, user access data, GMP/GLP data fields, export of the log as a PDF file and saved to a USB flash drive, and the ability to store up to 5000 events.
Expanded Functionality
Featuring support for the UE-600 GIGATEK RFID reader, an Integrated Repeatability Test including a guide to help determine a Minimum Weight, and a new Fill Weight Variation application mode, Explorer Series Balances can record and store more relevant data to expand their functionality and applications in your laboratory or industrial setting.


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