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Precision Balances

Introducing our exceptional line of Ohaus Precision Balances designed to elevate your weighing experience. Liberty Scales proudly offers a wide range of high-quality precision devices that embody accuracy, durability, and innovation.

Explorer™ Precision: Experience the pinnacle of precision with our flagship Explorer Balances. These meticulously crafted balances feature a precision-machined weighing cell, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and durability for laboratory and industrial environments. Explorer Balances is well-suited for regulated applications with advanced features like four-level user management, password protection, and a non-editable system log. The detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen, programmable IR sensors, and a frameless draft shield make operating these precision balances effortless and convenient.

Explorer™ Precision High Capacity: Our Explorer High Capacity Balances deliver exceptional performance for demanding weighing tasks. With the same precision-machined weighing cell as their counterparts, these balances offer total accuracy and durability. Enhanced with 2-D shock protection and an IP54 base enclosure, they are built to withstand challenging environments. The AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration system ensures consistent performance, while the detachable terminal with a large color touchscreen and programmable IR sensors simplifies operation and enhances user experience.

Adventurer™ Precision: Designed for routine weighing, our Adventurer Balances combine simplicity with versatility. These balances are easy to configure and use and have a vibrant color touchscreen, intuitive icon-based user interface, and an ergonomic design. With specialized weighing modes, multiple connectivity options, and AutoCal™ functionality, they adapt to various applications effortlessly. The durable construction, spacious weighing surfaces, and space-saving draft shield design make Adventurer Balances suitable for laboratory, educational, and industrial environments.

Pioneer™ Precision: Achieve reliable results without compromising your budget with our Pioneer Balances. These affordable balances offer high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications. Constructed with a cast metal lower housing, sub-pan, and stainless steel weighing pan, they are built to withstand long-term use in laboratory, industrial, and educational settings. The Pioneer series features a second-line display for additional information, a static removal bar for convenient grounding, and USB connectivity for seamless data transfer.

PR Series Precision: Simplify your routine weighing tasks with our PR Series Balances designed for workplace applications. Equipped with basic weighing modes, RS-232 connectivity, and optional internal calibration, these balances are ideal for everyday weighing needs. The easy-to-read, bright backlit display and intuitive user interface ensure effortless operation with minimal training required. The PR balances offer a compact footprint, maximizing desk space while providing a generous weighing surface. With durable construction and a stainless steel pan, they withstand the rigors of daily use in the workplace.

Discover the precision and reliability of our Precision Balances. Our dedication to innovation, accuracy, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Contact our expert team today to find the perfect precision balance that caters to your unique weighing requirements. Step into a world of precise measurements and unlock new possibilities with Liberty Scales.

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