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Mechanical Scales & Balances

At Liberty Scales, we are committed to providing you with the finest Mechanical Scales from Ohaus. Our range of products encompasses cutting-edge technology, superior accuracy, and user-friendly designs, ensuring you have the tools you need for successful weighing applications. With our comprehensive selection of Mechanical Scales, you can trust their reliability and precision.


Field Test: Accurate Weighing Even Under Adverse Conditions!

With the Field Test scale, you can achieve precise weighing results, rain or shine. Designed for versatility, this scale operates independently of power outlets, allowing you to conduct weighing in any setting. Its large stable pan effortlessly accommodates large samples, while the weighted base ensures exceptional stability. Thanks to its integrated carrying handle, you can conveniently transport the portable Field Test scale from one location to another around your work site.


Triple Beam Pro™: Best-in-Class Mechanical Balance!

Experience the ultimate in mechanical balance technology with the Triple Beam Pro™. This exceptional balance features a unique and ergonomically designed easy-grip carrying handle, allowing effortless movement in the classroom or laboratory environments. Its convenient compartment provides a secure storage space for the weight set, preventing the loss of valuable components. Enhance security by securing the balance to a desk or bench top using the security loop or Kensington-type lock (sold separately). The Triple Beam Pro™ sets a new standard for precision and reliability.


Triple Beam Balance - 700 Series: The Standard of Mechanical Balances!

Regarding mechanical balances, the Triple Beam Balance - 700 Series is the benchmark for excellence. Boasting superior magnetic damping, this balance delivers stable and accurate results three times faster than its counterparts. It accommodates diverse materials for various weighing applications with five weighing pans of varying sizes and designs. The counterbalancing knob ensures quick zeroing, while the self-aligning beam guarantees precise and consistent measurements. Rely on the Triple Beam Balance - 700 Series for unmatched performance and reliability.


Triple Beam Junior: Precision Tailored for Younger Students!

Designed specifically for younger students, the Triple Beam Junior offers all the benefits of a Triple Beam balance in a user-friendly design. Its notched and tiered beams allow for easy reading of measurement results, making it ideal for educational settings. To prevent theft or accidental dropping, the balance can be secured to a desk or bench top using the security loop or Kensington-type lock (sold separately). The zero adjust compensator ensures accurate measurements by guaranteeing the balance is zero. Introduce budding scientists to precision weighing with the Triple Beam Junior.


Dial-O-Gram™ and Cent-O-Gram™ 300 Series: Extremely Precise Mechanical Balance with High Readability.

For those seeking unparalleled precision and readability, the Dial-O-Gram™ and Cent-O-Gram™ 300 Series are the ideal choices. Crafted with aluminum pressure castings, agate bearings, steel knife edges, and a stainless steel pan, these balances embody the highest quality standard. Their three-point base, unique floating bearing principle, and beam design eliminate the need for frequent level adjustments, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Experience effortless and accurate weighing with the self-aligning beam, setting the Dial-O-Gram™ and Cent-O-Gram™ 300 Series apart.


Harvard Trip™: Comparative Weighing Made Effortless.

The Harvard Trip™ is a two-pan balance designed for efficient comparative weighing. Its built-in sliding masses simplify and expedite the weighing process, saving valuable time. The magnetic damping minimizes oscillation, enabling faster and more stable weighing. Quick zeroing is achieved with the counterbalancing knob, while the floating agate bearings contribute to accurate and reliable results. Discover the ease and precision of comparative weighing with the Harvard Trip™.


Harvard Junior: Comparative Weighing Made Simple for Educational Settings.

The Harvard Junior is a two-pan balance explicitly designed for teaching comparative weighing. In educational settings, the easy-grip carrying handle of the Harvard Junior ensures secure transportation between classrooms. These balances can be stacked, minimizing storage space requirements, and the lock feature protects them from damage while in storage. With the included eight-piece weight set and bowls that fit on the weighing pans, students have everything they need to explore the principles of comparative weighing.


School Balance: The Young Scientist's First Balance!

Introduce young scientists to the world of weighing with the School Balance. Featuring large, washable pans, this balance provides optimal space for samples to be weighed accurately. The included 18-piece color-coded stackable plastic mass set adds an element of excitement and hands-on learning. With front and rear pointers, students can easily view results from both sides of the balance, fostering a comprehensive understanding of measurement principles.


Primer™ Balance: The Scale for Budding Scientists!

Nurture the scientific curiosity of budding scientists with the Primer™ Balance. Each Primer balance has an activity guide containing 16 engaging exercises that enhance learning and exploration. The easy-to-slide zero adjustment weight ensures the balance is always ready for accurate weighing. Front and rear pointers allow students to view results from both sides of the balance, encouraging collaboration and discussion.


Spring Scales: Reproducible Results at Unbeatable Prices!

Our range of Spring Scales offers versatile and affordable options for various weighing needs. The pull-type spring scales feature an internal spring mechanism and provide precise measurements in grams, ounces, pounds, and Newtons. Dial-type spring scales offer a convenient and economical solution for weight determination in classrooms, laboratories, and field studies. The demonstration spring scales with a large faceplate make readings easy to view for demonstrations and basic weighing applications.


Join us at Liberty Scales as we empower you to unlock the full potential of your weighing processes. Explore our exceptional range of Mechanical Scales and experience the difference between reliable and accurate weighing solutions. Contact us today to discover how our Mechanical Scales can revolutionize your weighing needs.


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