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Analytical Balances

Analytical Balance Scales

Analytical balance scales are highly sensitive instruments designed to calculate an object’s mass with extreme accuracy. The readability range of analytical lab balances is typically in the sub-milligram range (0.1mg - 0.01mg) which makes these types of scales useful for making very precise measurements.

Because they are used to measure samples with a high degree of accuracy, analytical balances usually come with a draft shield or enclosure which prevent air currents from affecting the measurement. High precision analytical balances are often used in laboratories, pharmacies, and a variety of industrial applications where measurements need to be extremely precise.

Liberty Scales is the leading providers of analytical balances in the United States. We stock a wide range of Ohaus analytical balances — high-quality balances with incredible durability and accuracy. To learn more about our laboratory balances contact Liberty Scales at (661) 888-1919 or via You can also read on to learn more about analytical lab balances.

How are analytical balances different to normal scales?

Analytical balances are specialized scales that are designed for taking precise measurements of small samples. Because they have higher precision than a normal scale, their readings may be affected by the breezes or vibrations. This is why analytical scales surround the measuring pan with transparent doors, called a draft shield. Normal scales typically do not require a draft shield.

High precision analytical balance scales require frequent calibration and are so sensitive that the presence of dust can affect their measurements. Some analytical scales will use automatic internal calibration weights to make regular calibration easier. In most cases, normal scales won’t need to be calibrated as often because of the limited sensitivity of the instrument. Analytical laboratory balances will also take longer to stabilize compared to a standard scale because of the sensitivity of the instrument.

A dedicated space is usually required for analytical balances, to ensure they are not affected by the surrounding environment. Normal scales do not require a dedicated space as they are less vulnerable to environmental influence.

The other major difference between analytical scales and normal scales is the size of the weighing pan. Analytical scales typically have a smaller weighing pan because they only measure small samples.

Common features found on analytical balance scales

Analytical balances typically have more features and functions than a normal scale. Most analytical balances will come with:

Several units of measurement  

Analytical lab balances will allow for the use of several units of measurement including carats, grains, grams, Hong Kong Tael, kilogram, Newtons, ounce, ounce troy, pounds, tael, and pennyweight.

Unit counting

Because analytical balances are designed to be used in laboratories and pharmacies, they often include advanced counting and check counting features. This makes the scale able to count the number of pills or tablets in a sample.

Draft shields

Draft shields are essential for analytical balances because of their incredible accuracy.

Dynamic weighing

This feature allows researchers to weigh unstable samples including small animals and liquids.

Percentage weighing

Percentage weighing makes it easier for users to produce chemical or pharmaceutical formulas.

Weight accumulation

This feature lets you calculate large results despite the balance's small capacity.

RS232 compatibility

Analytical balances come with multiple options for connection with computer systems including RS232. This allows users to connect the balance with computer equipment.

Analytical balances come with bright, well-lit displays that make it easier for users to quickly see the results of the objects they are weighing. They often include multilingual software which allows the balance to be used in different countries. Some analytical balances will even automatically fill in fields to help the user create GLP/ISO compliant reports.

Ohaus Analytical Balances

We stock several variations of the best-selling Ohaus Pioneer and Ohaus Adventurer analytical balances. Their key features include:

Ohaus Pioneer

This high-quality range of analytical balances has the accuracy and reliability required for weighing applications in industrial, laboratory and educational operating environments. They are durable balances made from a cast metal lower housing and sub-pan with a stainless steel weighing pan.

The Pioneer range features a very clear and easy-to-read display with messages that make understanding the status of the scale simple. It includes both RS232 and USB connectivity with GLP/GMP data output, which makes recording results simple. This scale has a capacity of 120g x 0.0001g which makes it ideal for weighing very small items like drugs and chemical recipes.

The Pioneer range features a removable stainless steel pan, integrated weigh-below-hook, glass draft shield, security bracket, and calibration lock. It has many useful features including user-selectable environmental filters, auto-tare, user-selectable span calibration points, auto-dim, user-definable project and user IDs, software overload/underload indicator, four operating languages, stability indicator, and much more.

Ohaus Adventurer

The Ohaus Adventure range of analytical scales strikes the perfect balance between advanced functionality and ease-of-use. They include all of the features necessary for accurate measuring and weighing including GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, selectable environmental filters, auto tare, and user-selectable span calibration points.

The Adventure’s 4.3” color touchscreen makes it simple to change the balance’s settings and check results. It is also one of the most durable analytical balances on the market, with a thick metal base, stainless steel pan, and glass draft shield. The Ohaus Adventure is perfect for a wide range of applications including weighing, check weighing, dynamic weighing, and formulation.

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