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OHAUS Counting Scales Support Inventory Control

Piece counting is an important part of inventory control
Piece counting is an important part of inventory control. To make it as efficient as possible, OHAUS offers a number of worthy options that are reliably precise and durable enough to handle industrial settings.

For high capacity counting of larger or heavier weight items, the OHAUS Defender® 5000 bench scale is the right choice. Using counting mode, place a container on the pan and then tare it. Place samples in the container to determine the average piece weight and store the data as an item in the library. Auto optimization software recalculates the APW with each batch of parts to deliver accurate counting results. Defender 5000 comes equipped with GLP/GMP output capability with time/date for result traceability. Each unit includes a micro SD card for storage of up to 50,000 items library.

The OHAUS Defender 3000 series of bench scales feature a 304 stainless steel platform, painted steel tubular frame, aluminum load cell and an ABS plastic indicator. These versatile bench scales are ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas. Defender 3000 features a 100-hour rechargeable battery, easy-to-read display and basic counting mode to allow for simple operation for everyday basic industrial applications.

For rudimentary counting and piece weighing, OHAUS offers the Adventurer analytical and precision balances. Adventurer shows that high function and simplicity can go hand-in-hand. OHAUS Adventurer includes nine applications modes to suit a variety of routine weighing and measurement activities, including parts counting. Features include a color touchscreen, space-saving draft shield, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, weigh below hook, adjustable feet, stability indicator, auto tare, and much more. For high-resolution counting, the OHAUS Adventurer is hard to beat.

The multipurpose Ranger Count 3000 and 4000 counting scales are portable, reliable and suitable for basic industrial applications. These compact scales feature 3-window displays with intuitive icons and a user-friendly interface. They feature durable housing for rugged use. The 4000 offers metal housing while the more economical 3000 features durable ABS housing. Most importantly, they deliver fast and consistently precise results. They’re also packed with features like overload protection, weigh below hook, and multiple connectivity ports.

With Ranger 7000 bench scales, an optional second platform can be utilized for counting. After connecting, set up capacity and readability of the second scale and select counting mode. Place container on platform and tare it. Place 100 pieces in the container to start sampling and determine APW. After storing data, you can switch to the second platform to obtain the results of total parts counted.

Ranger 7000 offers the best of every ingenious feature that make OHAUS industrial products the right tools for your toughest weighing jobs. Ranger 7000 boasts the highest resolution, largest display, most application modes and connectivity options, as well as the largest memory library of any compact industrial bench scale in the OHAUS portfolio.
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