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Ohaus 7.5" x 9.5" Valor 4000 V41XWE1501T Legal For Trade 3 lbs x 0.001 lb

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Introducing the Ohaus 7.5" x 9.5" Valor 4000 V41XWE1501T Legal For Trade 3 lbs x 0.001 lb - the ultimate companion for demanding food processing applications.

Certified by NSF, accepted by USDA-AMS, and supporting HACCP-certified systems, the food-safe Valor 4000 is designed to meet the highest standards. Its impeccable accuracy and robust functionality make it an essential tool in any food processing facility.

Boost your productivity with the touchless Tare sensor, allowing you to eliminate the need for manual calculations. With a half-second stabilization time, you'll experience lightning-fast results, saving you valuable time in your daily operations. The checkweighing mode and LEDs provide visual cues to ensure accurate portioning and packaging every time. Additionally, the per cent weighing mode allows for precise measurements when formulating mixtures or recipes.

Durability is key in any demanding environment, which is why the Valor 4000 features a unique knife-resistant keypad. Say goodbye to accidental damage caused by sharp objects. With its IPX8 protection rating, this scale can withstand wet conditions without compromising its performance or safety.

The Ohaus Valor 4000 V41XWE1501T offers a range of versatile applications including weighing, per cent weighing, checkweighing, and accumulation. The dual light emitting diode (LED) displays provide clear visibility from any angle.

Convenience is at the forefront of its design with an auto-close power jack cover and menu and mode setup navigation prompts on the keys. Whether you prefer using the AC adapter (included) or the rechargeable battery (also included), this scale offers flexibility to suit your needs.

Constructed with an ABS housing and stainless steel platform (PW) or a fully stainless steel housing and platform (XW), this scale not only delivers accurate measurements but also boasts a sleek and modern design. The illuminated up-front level indicator and rear touchless sensor further enhance its user-friendly interface.

For those in need of a portable scale without compromising on accuracy, the Ohaus 7.5" x 9.5" Valor 4000 V41XWE1501T is the perfect choice.

Trust in its reliability and precision to elevate your food processing operations to new heights.