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Ohaus 6.2" x 5.8" Valor 3000 V31XH2, 4.4 lbs x 0.0005 lb

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Introducing the Ohaus 6.2" x 5.8" Valor 3000 V31XH2, a compact and reliable scale designed to meet the rigorous demands of the food industry.

With its stainless steel construction and NSF Certification, this scale ensures the integrity and safety of all food products weighed on its platform.

The Valor 3000 Xtreme is a space-saving solution that won't clutter your countertop. Its compact design allows for minimal counter space usage while still delivering precise measurements in demanding environments. With resolutions up to 40,000d and 0.01g, you can trust that your measurements will be accurate and reliable.

Equipped with versatile software, the Valor 3000 is capable of various weighing tasks including general weighing, per cent, weighing, and specific gravity measurements. Whether you need to weigh ingredients, calculate percentages, or determine specific gravity values, this scale has got you covered.

Featuring a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), the Valor 3000 provides clear visibility even in low-light conditions. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation, and you can choose between using the included AC adapter or 4 C batteries (not included) to power up the scale.

The Valor 3000's stainless steel housing and platform ensure durability and longevity, while the up-front level indicator guarantees accurate readings every time. Additionally, the load cell lock feature adds stability and precision to your measurements.

This scale offers selectable environmental settings, auto tare functionality, an auto shut-off feature for energy conservation, and a selectable power-up unit to suit your preferences. For added convenience, you can also accessorize with optional food accessories.

In summary, the Ohaus 6.2" x 5.8" Valor 3000 V31XH2 is a reliable and versatile scale that meets the highest standards of the food industry. Its compact size, precise measurements, and user-friendly features make it the perfect choice for all your food weighing and measurement needs.

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