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Are you needing a high-performance centrifuge that can handle a wide range of laboratory applications with precision and efficiency?

Look no further than the Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro, FC5916R. This versatile and powerful centrifuge offers a customizable high-speed centrifugation platform designed to optimize your workflow and provide exceptional results in various lab settings, including research, industrial, and clinical laboratories.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for centrifugal separation, general sample preparation, cell pelleting, protein separation, nucleic acid separation, cell concentrating, chemical separation, diagnostics, environmental sample preparation, and blood sample processing.
  • Customizable Settings: Features a wide range of rotors and accessories, ten acceleration and deceleration rates, and a selection of running times from 10 seconds to 99 hours 59 minutes or continuous operation.
  • Intuitive Design: Automatic rotor recognition and a backlit LCD ensure easy access to parameter settings and clear visibility, even in low-light conditions.
  • Exceptional Performance: Powered by German engineering and high-quality components, this centrifuge delivers reliable and efficient results with a maximum relative centrifuge force of 26,331 g.
  • Safety and Durability: Equipped with a lid-locking system, over-speed protection mechanism, and dual imbalance sensing, and constructed from chemical-resistant stainless steel for long-lasting use in harsh laboratory environments.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind and long-term reliability with a comprehensive 5-year warranty on your investment.

By choosing the Ohaus Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro, FC5916R, you'll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your laboratory operations are supported by a centrifuge that delivers consistent, accurate, and efficient results. Whether you're working in a research lab, industrial setting, or clinical environment, this centrifuge is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, ensuring your experiments and processes run smoothly and effectively.

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  • Speed Range: 200 rpm – 16,000 rpm

  • Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g): 26,331 g

  • Maximum Capacity(Rotor): 4 x 750 ml

  • Refrigeration Range: -4 °F – 104 °F (-20 °C – 40 °C)

  • Program memories: 99

  • Rotor In Package: Not applicable

  • Acceleration Gear: 10

  • Deceleration Gear: 10

  • Dimensions: 26.4 in x 15.4 in x 28.7 in (670 mm x 390 mm x 730 mm) (LxHxW)

  • Display: 2-line, backlit LCD

  • Lid lock: Motor driven

  • Net Weight: 260 lb (118 kg)

  • Noise Level: ≤63±2 dB(A)

  • Power: AC Adapter (Included)

  • Power Consumption: 1,750 W

  • Pre-cool time: From room temperature to 4℃ < 10min
  • Rotor Compatibility: Angle 4 x 85ml RB ID Hi; Angle 12 x 15 ml RB/FA ID; Angle 6 x 250 ml FB ID; Angle 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml ID Sealable; Angle 6 x 50 ml RB ID Hi; Swing out 4 x 100 ml ID; Angle 12 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml ID; Angle 4 x 8-w PCR Strip ID; Angle 44 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml ID; Swing out 4x750ml ID Sealable; Swing out 4 x 100 ml ID Sealable; Angle 6 x 85 ml RB ID; Angle 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml ID; Rotor Angle 4x500ml ID; Angle 6 x 85 ml RB ID Hi; Angle 30 x 15 ml RB/FA ID; Angle 30 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml ID Sealable; Angle 10 x 50 ml FA ID; Angle 64 x 0.5 ml ID; Angle 20 x 10 ml RB ID Hi; Angle 6 x 50 ml RB/FA ID; Swing out 2 x 3MTP ID

  • Rotor Recognition Method: Auto

  • Running Time: Continous; Quickspin; 10 sec to 99 h 59 min 59 sec

  • Safety Certification: CE; FCC

  • Working Environment: 36°F – 95°F, 80%RH, non-condensing (2°C – 35°C, 80%RH, non-condensing)
  • Free Shipping: Available across 48 continental USA. Extra charges may apply for residential, farm, or rural areas.
  • Express Shipping: Overnight and faster shipping options available at additional costs. Quotes obtainable via email.
  • Delivery Time: Typically 5 to 7 business days, varying by location and external conditions.
  • Tracking Information: Provided via email upon shipment. Accessible through account login. Additional information available upon request.
  • Return Policy: 15-day return period for unused, original condition products. A 25% restocking fee applies. Buyer covers original and return shipping costs.
  • Customer Support: Contact at (661) 888-1919 or for queries or concerns about shipping.