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Build-your own, LS-700 Industrial Digital Floor Scale, Multi-purpose!

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$599.00 - $5,999.00
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Introducing the Liberty Scales LS-700 Industrial Digital Floor Scale – Your Customized Solution for Versatile Precision!

Are you ready to elevate your industrial weighing game? Liberty Scales presents the LS-700, a powerhouse floor scale designed to meet your unique operational needs. Crafted for reliability and precision, this floor scale comes fully equipped with our cutting-edge LS-7515-C Indicator and offers a range of features that redefine excellence.

Liberty Scales offers various sizes and capacities of LS-700 Industrial Digital Floor Scale to cater to your unique requirements. Whether you need precision in a compact space or heavy-duty weighing power, we have the right size and accuracy for you:

Size Options:

Capacity & Accuracy Options:

  • 1000 lb x 0.2 lb: Perfect for precise measurements in lighter applications.
  • 2500 lb x 0.5 lb: Reliable accuracy for medium-sized loads.
  • 5000 lb x 1 lb: Handling heavier items with ease.
  • 10,000 lb x 1 lb: Heavy-duty capacity for demanding tasks.
  • 20,000 lb x 2 lb: The ultimate power for your industrial weighing needs.
No matter the size or capacity you choose, the Liberty Scales LS-700 Industrial Digital Floor Scale guarantees precision and durability. Elevate your weighing experience with Liberty Scales – Where Size Meets Accuracy!

Key Features:

✔ LS-7515-C Indicator Included: Get ready for accurate readings immediately with our top-of-the-line indicator.

✔ Industrial-Grade Quality: Built for the toughest industrial environments, the LS-700 features welded steel construction with a rugged tread plate, ensuring durability.

✔ Overload Protection (200%): Worried about heavy loads? Don't be. Our floor scale offers 200% overload protection for peace of mind.

✔ Extended Reach: A generous 20 ft long heavy-duty metal shielded cable connects the indicator, giving you flexibility in scale placement.

✔ Selectable Units: Switch effortlessly between pounds and kilograms with the indicator's lb/kg selectable display.

✔ Rechargeable Battery Option: Keep your operations running smoothly with the convenience of a rechargeable battery option.

✔ Easy Readability: The indicator features a 6-digit, 1-inch display, ensuring clear and effortless reading of your measurements.

✔ Connectivity Matters: Built-in RS-232 communication port allows you to integrate the scale into your data systems seamlessly.

✔ Factory Calibrated: Enjoy precise measurements right from the start. Our LS-700 floor scale comes factory-calibrated for your convenience.

✔ 5-Year Warranty: Rest easy with our 5-year warranty on parts, providing long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Upgrade your industrial weighing experience with the Liberty Scales LS-700 Industrial Digital Floor Scale. Versatile, reliable, and backed by Liberty Scales' commitment to excellence. Get yours today and take the first step towards precision you can trust!

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