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Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP ( Small Envelope ) Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors for Platform Floor Scale with Feet & Spacers

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Struggling with inaccurate weight measurements can throw off your entire operation, losing time, resources, and credibility.

Introducing the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP (Small Envelope) Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors for Platform Floor Scale.

Designed specifically for NTEP floor scales, these load cells are essential if you want your scale to be NTEP-approved.

One of the key features of these load cells is their compatibility with NTEP floor scales. Without matching all four load cells, your scale won't calibrate properly. But with the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP load cells, you can ensure accurate and reliable readings every time.

Perfectly suited for floor scales and other legal for trade scales, each of these load cells can handle a maximum weight of 4,000 lbs. With such impressive capacity, you can confidently weigh even the heaviest items without concerns.

Regarding calibration settings, these 4 load cells offer ideal options. The first calibration setting allows for a range of 1000 lbs with a precision of 0.2 lb. The second setting covers 2500 lbs with a precision of 0.5 lb. The third setting accommodates weights up to 5000 lbs with a precision of 1 lb. And finally, the fourth setting supports weights up to 10,000 lbs with a precision of 2 lb.

Designed for easy installation and use, these load cells are the perfect solution for anyone needing accurate and reliable weighing measurements. Whether you're in the industrial sector or running a commercial operation, the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP (Small Envelope) Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors for Platform Floor Scale will deliver exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Crafted with precision, these shear beam load cells feature a fixed end and are available in alloy and stainless steel options. The alloy steel variant offers exceptional strength and durability, while the stainless steel option ensures resistance against corrosion, making it perfect for harsh environments.
  • With their self-centering mechanism, these load cells distribute the weight evenly, providing accurate and reliable readings every time. Thanks to their user-friendly design, installation is a breeze, allowing quick and hassle-free setup.
  • Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing platform floor scale or create a new one, the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors are the ideal choice. Engineered for excellence, these single-ended load cells deliver unparalleled performance and precision.
  • When it comes to versatility, these load cells have got you covered. They seamlessly integrate with Liberty Scales' range of tank mounts and can also be used as part of a load cell conversion kit. This flexibility ensures you can customize your weighing system to suit your needs.


  • With a rated output of 3.00±0.015 mV/V, the Liberty GX-1-4k lb load cell ensures reliable and consistent readings. Its impressive specifications include nonlinearity of ±0.02%FS, hysteresis of ±0.02%FS, and repeatability of ±0.01%FS, guaranteeing outstanding precision in weighing operations.
  • Thanks to its creep resistance of ±0.02%FS over 30 minutes, this load cell maintains its accuracy even under extended use. The zero balance tolerance of ±1.00%FS ensures no deviation from the baseline reading, resulting in reliable and trustworthy measurements.
  • The Liberty GX-1-4k lb load cell is also designed to withstand varying temperatures. With a temperature effect on zero and output of only ±0.02%FS/10°C, this load cell remains unaffected by temperature fluctuations, providing consistent results regardless of the environment.
  • Durability and longevity are key features of this load cell. It has a safe overload capacity of 120%FS, ensuring it can handle heavy loads without compromising accuracy or performance. Additionally, the load cell's insulation resistance exceeds 5000MΩ, offering reliable operation even in challenging conditions.
  • Installation is a breeze with the included 5.4x6 m cable, providing ample length for convenient setup. Whether you need to convert your tank into a weighing system or upgrade your existing platform floor scale, the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors are the perfect choice.

Purchasing the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors means solving the problem of inaccuracy and completely revolutionizing the way you approach weighing. The confidence in knowing that every measurement is precise and reliable will streamline your operations, enhance your productivity, and allow you to focus on what truly matters in your business.

Say goodbye to the days of doubting your scale's accuracy and welcome a future where precision is guaranteed. Experience the peace of mind of owning a scale equipped with the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell Sensors, and never question your weight measurements again.


5-year limited warranty

- Feet
- Spacers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a digital load cell weight sensor?

A digital load cell weight sensor is a transducer that converts the weight force into an electronic signal. This allows for precise weight measurement in digital format, making it easier to read and interpret the data. Liberty Scales' shear beam load cell sensors are designed to offer high accuracy and reliability for digital weight measurement.

How does a load cell sensor for weight measurement work?

Load cell sensors work on the principle of strain gauge technology, where the deformation (strain) of the sensor material under load changes its electrical resistance, which is then measured and converted into weight.

Shear Beam Load Cells: Specifically, shear beam load cells are designed to measure shear forces, making them ideal for platform scales where the load is applied vertically. They are known for their durability and accuracy in various applications.

Can the load cell weight sensor be used for measuring body weight?

Yes, the load cell weight sensor can be used for measuring body weight, especially in applications requiring high precision and durability. The Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell is suitable for creating or upgrading body weight measurement systems, offering accurate and consistent readings.

What features do the load cell weight sensor & controller offer?

Liberty Scales' load cell sensors come with features designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of weight measurement systems:

High Precision and Accuracy: With specifications like nonlinearity of ±0.02%FS and repeatability of ±0.01%FS, you get reliable measurements every time.

Durable Materials: Available in alloy or stainless steel to suit different environmental conditions.

Easy Integration: Compatible with various controllers and readout devices for a complete weighing solution.

Are these load cell weight sensors NTEP-certified?

Yes, the Liberty GX-1-4k lb shear beam load cell sensors are NTEP certified, ensuring they meet the strict trade and commercial use standards. NTEP certification guarantees accuracy, reliability, and compliance with legal trade requirements.

How do you install the weight sensor load cell?

Installing the Liberty GX-1-4k lb NTEP Shear Beam Load Cell is straightforward:

1. Positioning: Place the load cell at the designated points under the platform scale.

2. Mounting: Secure the load cell using the provided feet and spacers to ensure proper alignment and even load distribution.

3. Connection: Connect the load cell to the weighing indicator or controller following the wiring guide included in the package.

4. Calibration: The system should be calibrated once installed to ensure accurate measurements.