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Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo Scales And Analytical Instruments

Mettler Toledo is a multinational company that manufacturers and sells professional scales and analytical instruments. Founded in 1945, Mettler Toledo has become the largest provider of weighing instruments in the world.

The company has established a reputation for making extremely accurate, durable, and simple-to-use scales that are great value for money. In this article, I’ll share the history of Mettler Toledo and highlight some of the Ohaus scales that we stock (a subsidiary of Mettler Toledo).

Mettler Toledo Formation and History 

The origins of Mettler Toledo can be traced to the 19th Century. An inventor named Allen DeVilbiss, Jr. (1873-1911) living in Toledo, Ohio, invented an automatic computing pendulum scale. It quickly became popular with local businesses, as they could use the scale to quickly and accurately weigh products directly in front of their customers.

In 1900, a businessman named Henry Theobald decided to start his own business selling automatic computing like the ones designed by DeVilbiss. He formed the Toledo Computing Scale and Cash Register Company in 1901 with the help of several investors.

After a legal issue involving Theobald’s former employee, the company stopped selling cash registers and began focussing on scales. The business’ named was changed to the Toledo Computing Scale Company.

Over the next decade, the company sold thousands of scales to businesses in the United States. Theobald advocated for government regulations of weights and measures during this time, to stop unscrupulous businesses ripping off customers. The name of the company was changed again in 1912, to Toledo Scale Company.

Meanwhile, in 1945 a company named Mettler Instruments AG began operation in Küsnacht, Switzerland. The company pioneered the use of single weighing pan scales for use in laboratories. Mettler Instruments was highly successful over the subsequent decades and was eventually sold to Ciba-Geigy AG in 1980.

In the late 1980’s, Toledo Scales, owned by Reliance electric at the time, was also sold to Ciba-Geigy AG. Toledo was merged with Mettler to form Mettler Toledo

In 1990, Mettler Toledo acquired Ohaus Corp, one of their major competitors at the time. This created the world’s largest scale company, with a huge range of products under multiple brands. Some of the other brands owned by Mettler Toledo include RAININ Instrument, AutoChem, INGOLD, Hi-Speed, Safeline, and Thorton.

Ohaus Scales Available at Liberty Scales

Liberty Scales is one of the leading suppliers of Ohaus scales in the United States. We stock a large range of Ohaus scales and analytical instruments, including these popular products:

Ohaus Navigator

The Ohaus Navigator is a bench scale that can be used in industrial, scientific, and commercial environments. It has many exciting features including an LCD display, sensors for hands-free operation, calibration lock switch, stainless steel pan, mechanical/software overload protection, and auto shut off.

Ohaus PS Series

This Ohaus digital scale is extremely portable and features a streamlined design. It comes with an ABS, protective sliding pan, mechanical/software overload protection and an LCD display.

Ohaus Scout SPX222

This bench scale is ideal for a range of laboratory and industrial applications. It features overload protection, a slim design, multiple weighing units, a clear backlit LCD display, stainless steel pan, adjustable feet and span calibration mass.

Ohaus 10”x10” CKW Series NTEP Bench Scale

This popular bench scale is suitable for both commercial and industrial operations.  It features a NSF-certified and USDA accepted food-safe base, drain holes, extended skirt and open frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell, 3-color check weighing LED, beeper, and durable stainless steel outer casing. It is a  NTEP-certified and Measurement Canada approved scale.

Ohaus 11" x 11" Valor 7000 Legal For Trade

A intelligently designed scale with a large high-resolution display, multiple application modes, modular design, stability indicators, overload/underload indicators, and dozens of other features. It is ideal for many applications including differential weighing, parts weighing, animal weighing, formulation, and sieve analysis.

Thanks for reading our article on Mettler Toledo Scales and Analytical Instruments. To learn more about the Ohaus scales that we stock, contact Liberty Scales today on (661) 888-1919 or via