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Technical FAQ 

Click here for the complete list/Index of Technical FAQ's, or click on the links below to go to the specific topics:

Accessories/Interface Connections

What power adapter (and/or plug or line cord) do I need for my OHAUS product?

What interface cables and options (RS232, USB or Ethernet) do I need to connect to a printer?

Where can I find the instruction manual of old or discontinued products?

Calibration and Operations

How often should I calibrate my OHAUS scale/balance? (see FAQ Index Contents)
How do I calibrate my OHAUS scale/balance? (Scout SPX-SJX-SKXScout ProDefender 3000/5000/7000, Valor V22PW)
How do I navigate through the menus settings?  (Scout Pro, Defender 3000/5000/7000)
How do I turn on/off the units of measure? (Scout SPX-SJX-SKXScout Pro, Defender 3000/5000/7000, Valor V22PW)
How to switch between units of measure? (Scout SPX-SJX-SKXScout Pro, Defender 3000/5000/7000, Valor V22PW)
How do I develop methods, perform temperature calibration, and other questions about my MB moisture analyzer? (MB FAQ Index)
How do I clear an Err 9 data error? (Valor V22PW)
My scale displays either: "CLR.REF", "PUT.#", "CLR.PW", "CL.LIM", "SET.LO/HI".  Are these errors, and how do I get back to just weighing mode? (see FAQ Index: General)

Data Collection and Communications

How do I connect and set up my OHAUS scale/balance with my computer? Via Ethernet?
How do I set up my OHAUS scale/balance with data logging software? (SPDCWinwedge)
How do I set up my OHAUS scale/balance with my OHAUS printer? (SF40ASTP103)

Terminology (see FAQ Index Contents)

Are readability and accuracy the same thing?
What is the accuracy of my scale/balance?
What is the difference between a span and a linearity calibration?
What does my error code mean?



I need to send my Liberty Scales product in to be serviced. Where should I send it and how should it be packed?

The first thing you should do is contact us at our service department will be eager to help. If you need immediate assistance we have Regional Service Centers (RSC) near you.

If your product needs to be shipped for repair, it should be packed very carefully. Please remember the shipper is only responsible for shipping damage if the damage is evident on the packaging.

Poorly packaged equipment can be damaged in shipping without any visible signs of damage to the packaging. Using the original packaging is best. Remove all loose items such as platforms, platform supports, adapters, and line cords, and pack them separately; be sure to ship them with the unit. Batteries should be removed before shipping.

Include your shipping and billing address and a daytime phone number you can be contacted at. Please include a brief but detailed description of the problem you are having or the service you want to be performed.

The package should be insured for the replacement value of the balance.


Are Liberty products in compliance with global and local standards and regulations?


If two words were to sum up Liberty Scales they would be customer satisfaction, everything from our product design, supply chain, management, and manufacturing process is designed for complete satisfaction.  To stay focused on our commitment to customers, we ensure that our products and processes meet or exceed global/regional approvals and certifications. Our NSF listed products ensure safety in environments in which sanitation is important, while NTEP certified legal-for-trade products are ideal for weighing items that will be priced and sold based on weight. To access our compliance documents and find out more info, please visit 


Company History

How long have your products been around?

For more than a century, OHAUS products have met the needs of virtually every industry. From the introduction of the Harvard Trip balance, which became the standard by which other mechanical balances are judged, to the recent introduction of the highly sophisticated Explorer Semi-Micro balances –– we have the long-standing experience necessary to deliver high-quality and durable equipment. 


How committed is OHAUS to sustainable practices?

We are fully committed to minimizing our company's environmental impact by following 'green' practices. In addition, we ensure the highest safety standards for both our employees and customers. From minimizing the printing of marketing materials such as brochures (all of our current brochures are printed on recycled paper) to ensuring the proper disposal of our products once they reach the end of their life cycle – we have implemented company-wide practices to reduce the environmental footprint of our business. Our products are designed to meet and exceed safety standards in the industries that they are being used in – for example, our food scale portfolio meets international food safety standards and our education products comply with the regulations and requirements set forth by the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008. Get a detailed version of our Sustainability Policy.