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Our Open Air Shakers collection offers a range of options to suit your specific shaking requirements. Whether you need reliable every day shaking, heavy-duty sample processing, shaking in extreme environments, rocking and waving motion, reciprocating shaking action, or high-speed shaking for microplates, Liberty Scales has you covered. Each shaker is designed with durability, performance, and ease of use, allowing you to optimize your laboratory processes and achieve accurate and reliable results.


Light Duty Orbital Shakers: Reliable Everyday Shaking Made Easy

Our Light Duty Orbital Shakers are the go-to for reliable shaking in everyday laboratory applications. With their flexible design, these shakers provide versatility for various applications. The ready-to-use tray and mat are included, but you can also customize the tray with over 20 easy-to-install accessories to suit your needs. Featuring a robust triple eccentric drive design, the non-digital model ensures reliable shaking across the entire speed range. On the other hand, the microplate shaker securely holds up to four microplates or deep-well plates, making it ideal for high-throughput applications. Its gradual speed increase to the desired setpoint minimizes the risk of sample splashing.


Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers: Exceptional Performance and Flexibility

Our Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers offer exceptional performance and flexibility to maximize sample processing in your laboratory. Each model comes equipped with a tray and rubber mat, and you can further customize them with over 70 accessory options to tailor the shakers to your specific requirements. Rely on the digital shakers' entire Accu-Drive shaking system for precise speed control, accuracy, and durability. The maintenance-free motor ensures long-term reliability. These shakers feature an optimal speed ramping feature that gradually increases the speed to the setpoint, reducing the risk of sample splashing. Additionally, the load sensor detects unstable conditions and automatically adjusts the speed to maintain sample integrity.


Extreme Environment Shakers: Designed to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Our Extreme Environment Shakers are designed to withstand the harshest laboratory conditions, including environments with up to 100% humidity. These shakers defy the elements with their unique construction, ensuring exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability. With best-in-class load capacity, they maximize efficiency in your incubator. You can customize the Extreme Environment Shakers with over 50 accessories to meet your unique application needs. The exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system guarantees speed accuracy, while the eccentric triple drive provides smooth and stable shaking motion across the entire speed range.


Rocking & Waving Shakers: Reliable Mixing with Adjustable Tilt Angle

Our Rocking & Waving Shakers offer reliable mixing with simple tilt angle and speed adjustments. The electronic control lets you adjust tilt angles and speed while the unit runs, ensuring optimal mixing conditions. Through intuitive touchpad controls, the digital models provide precise tilt angle adjustments in 1° increments and variable rates down to 1 rpm. The optimal speed ramping feature gradually increases the speed to the desired setpoint, preventing sample splashing. These shakers maintain smooth rocking or waving motion thanks to state-of-the-art motors and electronics.


Reciprocating Shakers: Consistent and Repeatable Shaking Action

Our Reciprocating Shakers provide consistent and repeatable reciprocating shaking action for various applications in the lab. These versatile units can be customized with different accessories to fit your unique workflow needs. The reciprocating motion is ideal for gentle-to-vigorous mixing of separatory funnels with the sturdy separatory funnel platform, and optional platforms are available for flask clamps, media bottles, and tube racks. Designed with safety in mind, the speed ramping feature gradually increases the speed to avoid splashing, and the load sensor automatically detects unstable conditions, reducing the rate to protect your valuable samples.


High-Speed Microplate Shakers: Accelerated Shaking for Microplates

Regarding high-speed shaking for microplates, our High-Speed Microplate Shakers deliver outstanding performance. The sturdy and adjustable top plate securely holds up to 48 microplates, 6 deep well plates, or small tubes, allowing for efficient sample processing. The Pulse Feature can be adjusted to pulse on and off at specific intervals to accommodate difficult-to-mix samples or prevent overheating during shaking. With independent LEDs and a touchpad control for speed and time, you can quickly reproduce the exact settings every time, ensuring precise and consistent results.

Explore our Open Air Shakers collection and take your lab shaking to the next level with Ohaus Quality and Liberty Scales' commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to discuss how we can assist you in finding the perfect shaker for your specific needs.