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Ohaus, Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers SHHD1619AL, 35.27 lbs - 120V

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Introducing the Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker SHHD1619AL, the ultimate lab companion that combines power, precision, and versatility.

This exceptional shaker is ready to take on any task with its robust construction and impressive features.

One of the standout features of this shaker is its exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system, which guarantees exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability. No matter the application - whether it's cell cultures, solubility studies, or protein studies - you can rely on the Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker to deliver consistent and reliable results.

When it comes to sample protection, this shaker has you covered. The optimal speed ramping feature ensures a smooth start by gradually increasing the speed to the setpoint, preventing splashing mishaps. Additionally, the load sensor detects unbalanced conditions and automatically reduces the speed to maintain a safe working environment.

Operating this shaker is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. The independent LED displays for speed and time allow you to effortlessly view and adjust both settings simultaneously, ensuring precise control at all times. For analogue models, the control knobs with dial markings provide a tactile experience that enhances usability.

Built with durability, the Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker is constructed from cold-rolled steel (CRS), guaranteeing long-term use even in demanding laboratory environments. Plus, it has a built-in tray and non-slip rubber mat for added convenience.

Customization is critical when it comes to meeting your lab's specific needs. With over 70 accessory options, you can tailor the Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker SHHD1619AL to suit your unique requirements.

Don't settle for anything less than exceptional performance and reliability in your lab equipment.

Choose the Ohaus Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker SHHD1619AL and experience the perfect blend of power, precision, and versatility.