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Moisture Analyzers

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Welcome to Liberty Scales, where we proudly offer an exceptional range of Moisture Analyzers from Ohaus designed to elevate your moisture analysis experience and empower your business.

Moisture analysis is critical in the food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and agriculture industries. It directly influences product quality, shelf life, pricing, and efficiency. With our Ohaus Moisture Analyzers, you can confidently tackle these challenges head-on, armed with accurate and reliable moisture content measurements that optimize your processes.

Discover the power of our Moisture Analyzers

MB120: Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Moisture Analysis

With our revolutionary SmartGuide™ feature, getting started is a breeze. The MB120 automatically analyzes your sample and creates a method, eliminating the guesswork from the initial setup. Equipped with a halogen heating system, customizable shut-off criteria, and four built-in drying profiles, the MB120 delivers fast and accurate results. Store up to 100 methods and 1,000 measurement results, export stored data, and share methods across multiple devices. Experience efficiency like never before.

MB90: Simple Operation. Precise Results.

Efficiency meets precision with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer. Its halogen heating system ensures faster results, while the intuitive touchscreen menu provides step-by-step guidance for every application. Maintenance is a breeze with tool-free cleaning, making your operations seamless and hassle-free. Get the precision you need with ease.

MB27: Outstanding Performance, Flexible Configuration, and Reliable Results

The MB27 Moisture Analyzer is a true performer with its impressive accuracy of 0.01% 0.001g. Equipped with halogen heating and dual weight-temperature calibration, it consistently delivers fast and reliable results. The user-friendly touch-button design ensures easy operation, and its flexibility allows for seamless integration into your workflow. Experience exceptional performance and reliable outcomes every time.

MB23: Outstanding Performance, Flexible Configuration, and Reliable Results

Designed for efficiency, the MB23 Moisture Analyzer features glass-less infrared heating, ensuring faster results without compromising accuracy. Its user-friendly touch-button design simplifies operation, and its compact size makes it suitable for any workspace. Trust in its outstanding performance and reliable results to elevate your moisture analysis processes.

Join us on this journey of innovation and technology. Let Liberty Scales, in collaboration with the greatest minds in science, medicine, design, coding, and engineering, lead you to new beginnings. Contact us today to explore how our Ohaus Moisture Analyzers can revolutionize your moisture analysis processes.