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Labjaws Clamps & Supports

We are excited to introduce the LabJaws Clamps & Supports from Ohaus, a comprehensive collection of innovative tools designed to provide secure holding and reliable support for your labware and apparatus. With their exceptional durability, versatile designs, and precise adjustability, LabJaws products offer unparalleled convenience and reliability for various laboratory applications. Explore our extensive selection and discover the perfect solution to optimize your lab workflow.

Multi-Purpose Clamps: Discover the perfect LabJaws Clamp for every application. With over 85 options, you'll find a clamp that meets your needs. Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel clamps are known for their excellent chemical resistance and durability, making them ideal for demanding lab environments. Alternatively, our nickel-plated zinc clamps offer high-tensile strength at an economical price.

Preventing accidents in the lab is paramount, which is why LabJaws Clamps are designed to hold glassware and irregularly-shaped objects securely. With a wide selection of grip sizes, prong styles, and adjustment types, you can find the perfect clamp for your unique requirements. Whether you're working with thermometers, thermocouples, columns, funnels, or round bottom flasks, LabJaws Clamps provide a secure and reliable grip.

Rods, Frames & Supports: We understand the importance of secure support for your labware and apparatus. Our range of lab frames, rods, and connectors ensures your equipment remains stable and safe during experiments. Choose from premium stainless steel options, which offer exceptional chemical resistance and durability, or lightweight yet reliable aluminum options.

Simplifying lab setup is our priority, so we offer over 130 options for rods, frames, and connectors. We provide 13 lab-frame kit options, with four specifically designed to fit in fume hoods. Customize your support system by selecting from various rods, bases, and connectors, allowing you to create a setup tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Lab-lifts are adjustable lifting platforms that provide exceptional strength and durability. Lab lifts offer convenience and stability in laboratory operations, perfect for holding small lab equipment such as glassware, hot plates, and water baths at different heights.

Experience the reliability and versatility of LabJaws Clamps & Supports from Ohaus. Enhance your lab's efficiency and safety with these high-quality products designed to meet modern scientific research demands. Trust Liberty Scales to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance your scientific pursuits.

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