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Incubating & Incubating Cooling Shakers

Explore our range of advanced incubating and incubating cooling shakers that deliver exceptional performance and versatility for your laboratory needs.


Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers

Experience industry-leading thermal shakers that offer outstanding heating and cooling capabilities combined with high-speed shaking. With enhanced electronics and software, these shakers provide fast and accurate temperature control you can rely on. The cooling models can reach temperatures as low as 17°C below ambient, ensuring optimal sample conditions.

Operating these thermal shakers is effortless with the intuitive touchscreen interface. Set up functions and navigate the comprehensive help screens available in multiple languages. Create customized programs for repeat applications and conveniently store up to five separate, 5-step programs. The USB port enables easy test data transfer for logging and program storage.


Incubating Light-Duty Orbital Shakers

Maximize your bench space with our compact and efficient incubating light-duty orbital shakers. These shakers offer a combination of incubating and shaking features, making them ideal for various applications. With a 4 kg capacity and a ready-to-use tray, they provide flexibility for customization with over 10 easy-to-install accessories.

When precise temperature control is crucial, these shakers feature user-controlled temperature calibration for sensitive applications. The digital control ensures reliable and repeatable shaking speed, enabling consistent and accurate results. Choose an opaque lid for light-sensitive samples or a clear lid for easy observation.


Incubating Cooling Orbital Shakers

Experience the innovative design of our incubating cooling orbital shakers, providing the perfect solution for heating, cooling, and shaking samples. These shakers are microplate ready, requiring no additional accessories, and they can accommodate modular blocks with the included block adapter, enhancing versatility for various applications.

Achieve precise temperature accuracy with the unique temperature calibration feature, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive samples. The digital control allows for reliable and repeatable shaking speed. These shakers employ an innovative temperature system, delivering fast, accurate, and uniform temperatures. The unique Peltier design with direct plate-to-sample contact offers precise heating and cooling capabilities.


Incubating Rocking & Waving Shakers

Optimize your incubator space with our benchtop incubating rocking and waving shakers. These shakers provide electronic control for easy tilt angle, speed, and temperature adjustment while the unit operates, allowing optimal sample mixing.

Enjoy reproducible results you can trust with the precise tilt angle adjustment in 1° increments, variable speed control in 1 rpm increments, and temperature settings in 1°C increments. The intuitive touchpad controls make operation seamless. The innovative speed ramping feature ensures a gradual increase in speed to the desired setpoint, minimizing splashing. The state-of-the-art motor and electronics maintain smooth rocking or waving motion.


Incubating Heavy-Duty Orbital Shakers

Save precious incubator space with our benchtop incubating and incubating refrigerating shakers. These shakers feature the exclusive Opti-Flow Forced Ventilation System, utilizing twin induction or a large fan to create a circular airflow around the samples. It ensures uniform temperature distribution without directly impacting the samples.

The exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system guarantees speed accuracy for precise and repeatable results, while the Triple Eccentric Drive ensures consistent shaking motion across the entire speed range. The chambers of select models are spacious enough to accommodate 2 x 6 L Erlenmeyer flasks with optional clamps and platforms, providing versatility for different sample types.

With Liberty Scales, take your scientific endeavors to new heights by investing in cutting-edge technology that delivers consistent and reproducible results. Browse our collection today and unlock the potential of your scientific efforts!

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