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Are you tired of constant monitoring and safety concerns slowing down your lab experiments?

Introducing the Digital Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 3000 e-G31HS04C 230V, the ultimate solution that combines Liberty Scales' precision with advanced safety features to revolutionize your laboratory workflow. This state-of-the-art hotplate stirrer from Liberty Scales ensures meticulous temperature control and powerful stirring, providing an efficient, worry-free environment for all types of laboratory applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety with SafetyHeat™: Features an industry-leading early detection system with dual independent safety controls to prevent overheating, ensuring your experiments and lab environment remain safe.
  • Precise Stirring Capabilities: Ranging from 60 to 1600 rpm, the strong magnet and software-controlled ramp rate allow for secure coupling and consistent stirring performance, even with viscous substances.
  • Clear and Convenient Monitoring: The bright LCD display provides easy access to critical readings, intuitive icons, and a prominent hot top indicator light, enhancing user awareness and control over experiments.
  • Versatility in Applications: Ideal for a variety of tasks including boiling water, preparing samples, dissolving buffers, and concentrating samples, making it a versatile addition to any lab.
  • Durable and User-Friendly Design: Features a chemical-resistant SmartHousing™, spill-resistant design, and easy-to-clean surfaces, suitable for rigorous daily use in challenging laboratory conditions.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind and long-term reliability with a comprehensive 5-year warranty on your investment.

After integrating the Guardian 3000 e-G31HS04C 230V into your lab, you will feel a newfound confidence in your experimental outcomes. The peace of mind from enhanced safety features, coupled with the efficiency of advanced stirring functions, will allow you and your team to focus on what truly matters—pushing the boundaries of research and innovation. Upgrade your laboratory with this indispensable piece of laboratory equipment and experience a seamless, productive workflow that only Liberty Scales can provide.

Reach out to our dedicated team for further information and personalized assistance. Call us at (661) 888-1919 or email us at We're here to help you every step of the way!

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