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Digital Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 3000 e-G31HS04C 230V

by Ohaus
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Introducing the Digital Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 3000 e-G31HS04C 230V, a powerhouse of safety and precision for your lab experiments.

With its cutting-edge features and intelligent design, this hotplate stirrer is a must-have for any laboratory looking to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

SafetyHeat™ is the guardian angel of your lab, offering unparalleled protection. This industry-leading early detection system utilizes two independent safety controls to constantly monitor the electronics, preventing any overtemperature conditions before they occur. You can now work with peace of mind, knowing that your lab and valuable samples are in safe hands.

Experience precise stirring like never before with the Guardian 3000. Its powerful motor, strong magnet, and software-controlled ramp rate ensure secure magnetic coupling for even the most viscous applications. From 60 to 1600 rpm, this hotplate stirrer delivers consistent stirring performance, allowing you to achieve optimal results every time.

Monitoring your experiments has never been easier thanks to the bright LCD display of the Guardian 3000. With large temperature and speed settings, intuitive icons, and a prominent hot top indicator light, you can effortlessly keep track of your unit's performance from anywhere in the lab. No more guesswork or constant monitoring - just reliable data at your fingertips.

Versatile and efficient, the Guardian 3000 is ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're boiling water, preparing samples and solutions, dissolving buffers and reagents, or concentrating samples, this hotplate stirrer has got you covered.

Built with convenience in mind, the Guardian 3000 features a probe connection, SmartHousing™ that stays cool to the touch and is chemical resistant, IP21 Ingress Protection for added durability, and easy-to-clean ceramic or aluminum tops. The control knobs and On/Off switch for heater disconnect provide seamless operation while the built-in support rod holder ensures stability during experiments.

With additional design features such as the hot top indicator light, audible alarm, and temperature calibration feature for three probe and three plate setpoints, the Guardian 3000 is a complete package that combines safety, efficiency, and precision.

Upgrade your lab with the Digital Hotplate Stirrers Guardian 3000 e-G31HS04C 230V and experience unparalleled performance that will elevate your experiments to new heights.