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Liberty Scales stocks the complete range of OHAUS centrifuges. They are high-performance products ideal for laboratory, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing applications.

The OHAUS range includes powerful desktop centrifuges designed to be permanent fixtures in laboratories and smaller centrifuges designed for life science separation applications. We also stock centrifuge rotors which provide more flexibility for your sample preparation tasks.

Our company is one of the largest suppliers of centrifuges in the United States. To learn more about the OHAUS centrifuges, contact Liberty Scales on (661) 888-1919 or via You can also continue reading to learn more about the centrifuges we stock.


About Centrifuges

Centrifuges are designed to separate liquids from solids or fluids of different densities, using centrifugal force. They work using the sedimentation principle, forcing denser substances to move outward in the radial direction of the centrifuge.

The concept for the centrifuge was invented by English military engineer Benjamin Robins. However, it wasn’t used commercially until 1864, when Antonin Prandtl and Alexander Prandtl developed a centrifuge to separate cream from milk. 

There are several types of centrifuges designed for different applications including:

Laboratory centrifuges

These are general-purpose centrifuges which often have multiple capabilities. This category includes preparative ultracentrifuges, clinical centrifuges, and super speed centrifuges.

Haematocrit centrifuges

Designed to separate the components of blood and measure how many red blood cells are in a sample.

Gas centrifuges

For isotonic separations of gas.

Analytical ultracentrifuges 

Extremely accurate centrifuges designed for sedimentation analysis of macromolecules. 

Industrial-scale centrifuges

Extremely large scale centrifuges that are used in the manufacturing and waste processing industries. They are ideal for separating immiscible liquids and sediment suspended solids.

Laboratory centrifuges are often used in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. The main points of difference between laboratory centrifuges are their speed, functions, temperature control, and capacity. Most laboratory centrifuges can accept several different fixed-angle and swinging rotors to achieve desired outcomes.


The controls on laboratory centrifuges can also vary significantly. The simplest devices will have timers and speed settings. More advanced models will be fully programmable, allowing the user to set accelerate and deceleration rates, centrifuge temperature, and several other settings.


Why Use OHAUS Centrifuges?

OHAUS is one of the world’s leading producers of centrifuges. They have established a reputation for producing centrifuges that deliver outstanding performance and reliability in all operating environments.

Manufactured in Switzerland and Germany, OHAUS centrifuges are built to the highest of standards. They use extremely durable bases to ensure long term centrifuge strength and reliable performance. The internals of OHAUS centrifuges are built with extreme precision and only use high-quality components.


The OHAUS range includes general purpose centrifuges, small bench centrifuges, large capacity centrifuges, and ultra-speed centrifuges. Whatever your requirements are, OHAUS has a suitable laboratory centrifuge available. Their most popular products include:

Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi Pro

A powerful desktop centrifuge that is ideal for use in research, industrial and clinical laboratories. It can be combined with a variety of rotors to achieve various objectives. It is an excellent choice for centrifugal separation, sample preparation, protein separation, blood sample processing, diagnostics, cell concentrating, and many other applications.

Design features include an easy-to-read backlit LCD, corrosion-resistant steel chamber, polycarbonate/ABS plastic lid, CFC-free refrigeration system. There are ten acceleration and deceleration modes to choose from, the selectable running time of between 10 seconds to 100 hours, sample temperature indicator, imbalance sensor, and lid-locking system. Built with German engineering, this is a powerful centrifuge that can be used for many laboratory applications.


Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi

This is a reliable compact multi-function centrifuge perfect for general laboratory applications. Designed for ease of use, the Frontier™ 5000 Series Multi features a simple-to-use interface that can be operated while wearing gloves.


This centrifuge can accommodate standard 15ml and 50 ml test tubes and has optional rotors capable of holding tubes as small as 1.5ml. The brushless motor is extremely quiet and the unit’s small footprint makes it easy to install in a small laboratory.


Frontier™ 5000 Series Micro

The Frontier™ 5000 Series Micro is a benchtop microcentrifuge perfect for environments where there isn’t much room available. Despite its small size, this centrifuge is packed with features including a personal program function, multi-safety control, brushless motor, and LCD. It is a high-speed centrifuge perfect for tasks including DNA/RNA preparation and ultrafiltration.


Frontier™ 5000 Series Mini

This is a tiny-yet powerful mini centrifuge ideal for quick life science sample separations. It uses a low voltage brushless motor with a rubber base to absorb vibrations. Built with safety in mind, this centrifuge features a rotor imbalance sensor, two safety switches, and an auto-stop mechanism triggered by the lid opening. It comes with an 8 place 1.5/2mL tube rotor as well as a 4 place PCR 8-strip tube rotor. It can accommodate 0.2mL 8 strip tubes or 32 individual PCR tubes. It comes with an AC adapter.

If you have any questions about our range of OHAUS centrifuges, contact Liberty Scales on (661) 888-1919 or via