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Bead Mill Homogenizers

Welcome to Liberty Scales, your trusted source for innovative laboratory equipment streamlining your research workflow. We are delighted to introduce the Ohaus HT Lysing Homogenizer, a unique solution that combines simplicity and power to revolutionize high-throughput grinding. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories, this homogenizer offers exceptional versatility and convenience, eliminating the need for additional accessories. With the HT Lysing Homogenizer, you can achieve rapid and efficient sample preparation, making it an indispensable tool for many applications.

HT Lysing Homogenizer

HT Lysing Homogenizer stands out as one of the most flexible models available, delivering exceptional performance in grinding. It's built-in adjustable holder eliminates the need for additional accessories, simplifying the processing of samples. With ease and convenience, this homogenizer allows for high-throughput grinding, making it ideal for handling multiple tubes, microplates, deep-well plates, or any sample container that fits within the 10.2x12.7x6.4 cm holder.

The HT Lysing Homogenizer features five preset programs optimized for speed and time, specifically tailored to process common sample types such as bacteria, fungi, plant, and animal tissue. With these presets you can achieve consistent and reliable results without requiring manual adjustments, saving time and effort.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability of the HT Lysing Homogenizer and take your research to new heights. Trust Liberty Scales to bring you innovative solutions that unlock the full potential of your scientific endeavors.

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