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what are moisture analyzers and how they work?

Comprehensive Guide to Moisture Analyzers: Applications, Functionality, and Selection

Are you struggling with inconsistent product quality, or is your production line not up to speed because of moisture-related issues? 

Moisture analyzers play a crucial role in ensuring quality and consistency across many industries by measuring samples' moisture content. These devices, integral to research, manufacturing, and quality control processes, offer insights into the moisture levels of various substances. This expanded guide delves into the essence, workings, applications, accuracy, and selection process of moisture analyzers to provide a thorough understanding of their importance and utility.

What Are Moisture Analyzers?

At their core, moisture analyzers, or moisture balances, are sophisticated scales that measure the moisture content in a sample by detecting the weight reduction after a sample is subjected to heating. It is vital to acknowledge that "moisture" encompasses a broader range of substances than water alone, including fats and solvents that contribute to the overall weight of a sample.

The measurement technique these instruments utilize is the Loss-On-Drying (LOD) method. This method, rooted in the thermogravimetric principle, entails heating the substance until it achieves a dry state, indicated by a cessation in weight loss.

Detailed Operation of Moisture Analyzers

The operation of a moisture analyzer involves several steps, beginning with placing the sample on the device's measuring platform. Once the sample is in place and the device is sealed, it records an initial weight before drying. The device then applies heat to evaporate moisture expelled through a vent. The choice of heating element, ranging from halogen lamps to microwave radiation heaters, can vary based on the application and industry requirements.

After the drying phase, the device calculates the moisture content by comparing the initial (wet) and final (dry) weights, expressing the result as a percentage.

Varied Applications Across Industries

Moisture analyzers find applications in various settings, from environmental research and agriculture to the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are essential in laboratories to determine raw materials' moisture content and ensure that products meet quality standards. Their versatility extends to soil testing, plastic resin evaluation, food quality control, and beyond.

Ensuring Accuracy with Moisture Analyzers

The precision of moisture analyzers can significantly impact the reliability of results. These devices come in various configurations, offering accuracy levels from 1% to as precise as 0.001%. High-accuracy applications may require additional measures, such as anti-vibration tables and draft-preventing glass chambers, to ensure the most reliable readings.

Selecting the Right Moisture Analyzer

Choosing the appropriate moisture analyzer requires a clear understanding of one's specific needs and the capabilities of different models. Factors to consider include the type of samples, required accuracy, and preferred heating technology. Liberty Scales offers a comprehensive selection from Ohuas, ensuring that users can find the ideal solution for their application.

In addition to the technical aspects, potential buyers should consider after-sales support and the availability of calibration services. Understanding maintenance requirements and ease of use can also influence decision-making.


Moisture analyzers are indispensable tools in maintaining quality and efficiency across various industries. By offering precise moisture content readings, they help companies adhere to quality standards and optimize their processes. When selecting a moisture analyzer, it's essential to consider the device's accuracy and functionality and the specific needs of your industry and application. Liberty Scales stands ready to assist, providing expert advice and a wide selection of devices to meet every requirement.

For personalized assistance and to explore our range of moisture analyzers, contact Liberty Scales at (661) 888-1919 or email us at Our team is committed to helping you find the perfect moisture analyzer for your needs, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and quality in all your measurements.

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